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Blah Blah March 31, 2009

Posted by luco00 in News/Junk.
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Just popping by to show our vitals are still intact. Though as always, they’re very low. We’re like a vegetable of sorts…that has fits…of releases.

Anyhow, a surefire way to pump some life into us would be to find a translator. Yes we desperately need someone that can translate so all us useless editors have something to work with. Our project picking process includes seeing a doujin we like, and trying to force our (one persons) ties with friends to get translations, so if someone were to show up, they’d have a say in what would be our next venture.
As before, to apply, email us at: (asobi.nin.scans[at]gmail.com). Requirements are also as before – see 4 posts down.

I don’t quite know myself if we will be doing the rest of the RE series. My fellow members are iffy on the slightly obscene content of the remaining installments, and a translation is always up in the air. We also have no idea if SaHa has been comissioned with the rest or not. So yeah, there’s a bit of info on our one sort of main project.

Thanks also to the one person that responded to my call for RUBBISH raws. Still looking for more…

You may also have noticed we took down the requests page. We did so because…it was a cruel joke. Not that we intended it to be, but without a translator, we had no hope of fufilling peoples requests. So that’s gone.

…And that’s it. May we have a fit soon.