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[Release] Office Life 01 September 29, 2010

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Wait, what?

We’re back. Sort of. I’m the translator now, mostly because I’m the only person around with any formal Japanese learning, and I don’t want to forget it all.

Download – Mediafire

Not much to say…I chose this because it’s simple. Very anti-climactic for our (not so) big comeback.

I might do some housecleaning when I get the chance, this place is a total disaster. I don’t know how I ever thought this place was organized nicely.

[Release] Otokonoko Onnanoko 01 June 5, 2009

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Download – Mediafire

Our first hentai manga release. I’d be a bit more enthusiastic about this, but it seems we were a little slow and someone beat us to releasing it.

We thought we’d release it anyway since we had already done most of the work for it, but we won’t be continuing with the rest of the chapters. We aren’t petty and 2 groups releasing the same thing is stupid. So go read the rest on someone elses money.

In other news, this was our debut release with our new partner, angeloCiRE, wo does his own solo translations here. Who knows why he gave us a hand when he is capable as a one man band, but why challenge a good thing? So as the fruit of this new union, we have some cool things lined up for you, but I don’t feel like telling you what they are. If you take 5 seconds to snoop around the site you might just find out though.