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[Release] RE10 February 25, 2009

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Download – SaveFile | Mediafire

RE10 by RUBBISH Selecting Squad

Don’t worry, we used the QUALITY raws this time. No ridiculous second release.

If shirou’s penis was any bigger then it wouldn’t be Saber x Shirou, it would be Saber x Shirou’s wang. It also has this horrible tendency to bubble over with semen immediately after ejaculating. It’s probably a negative effect of his mutated, steroid pumped member.

Also. a request from Luco:

<@Luco_> If anyone has any raws of RUBBISH Selecting Squad doujins that aren’t from the RE series (I need Re Extra though), please send them to the group email (asobi.nin.scans@gmail.com).

mmk? I know you’re all just darlings and are gonna help a poor lolicon out. We might translate the stuff if you deliver, so don’t be shy.

Oh, and apologies go out to SaHa, who I believe has been commissioned to work on all of the RE titles or some shit like that, but Luco and EroKami insisted we nick all the good ones.

[Release] Douka Nagekanaide January 6, 2009

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Download – DepositFiles | Mediafire

Douka Nagekanaide by Black List and Plastic Image

The long awaited 4th release. Took forever because I’m the only person cool enough to stay at home for the holidays. Some loligurashi doujin. There’s loli in it. It’s got Satoko (who is a loli) for part 1 and Mion (who is not a loli) for part 2. The blue-haired one talks to an old man at the beginning and that was pretty awesome. I’m sure he wanted to stick her but was just afraid of breaking a hip. And the law. Anyway if lolis and ugly art are your thing then please enjoy your fap good sir. Thank you for flying Asobi-Nin airways and upon departure make sure you’ve retrieved all used tissues and cleared your cache before leaving the plane.

[Release] Onegai Pitagorasu November 22, 2008

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Download – DepositFiles | Mediafire

Doujin Circle – Takanaedoko

So here is our long awaited 3rd release I guess. It’s gundam, and everybody likes that right? Please love us.

Features a certain Lockon Stratos and Feldt Grace, along with Sumeragi and Allelujah. Isn’t Feldt adorable? Yes. Yes she is. Anyway, I worked real hard cleaning out the title on the second page at the top of this post. Fingers and thong straps are tricky little devils to redraw.

So enjoy your fap, or whatever. I’m gonna go listen to the OPs again.

[Release] RE04 October 29, 2008

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Download – [Link removed due to  FAIL] (LQ garbage)

Download – DepositFiles | Mediafire (HEUG and sparkly HQ version!)

Update: lol! The completely re-cleaned and re-typeset chapter was done like 6 hours after we were informed that we had picked shit raws that were horrible shit, which was 10 minutes after we released the LQ version. Too bad I was sleeping instead of putting this link here.

Saber x Shirou, what else is new. Circle is RUBBISH Selecting Squad.

D’aaaaaaaaaaw. It features an unusually vulnerable Saber and somewhat lecherous Shirou. Shitty raws are shitty. If all of FAKKU!’s raws are this bad, I’ll need to start rejecting shit that EroKami gets from there. Pictures at the end were a pain to level, and I still didn’t do them right. Look at all the pretty gradients!

Thar ye go! – Special Deluxe super HEUG textless page 26, for Anon’s fapping pleshure.

[Release] The Grass Was Green on the Other Side Too October 22, 2008

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Download – DepositFiles | Mediafire

Here’s some Happy-tan x Sensei Despair Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei lol!

Basically this is the only way EroKami managed to kidnap me and bring me into this unholy circle. I’m not huge on reading doujins, but I’m stupid for SZS, so I tagged along. No very little Komori-chan, sorry.

The doujin circle responsible is called Zattou Keshiki.

Edit: Oh jeez. I was a little bad at cleaning when I worked on this. I certainly hope I’ve improved in the half-year since then. v2 if it bugs me enough (when’s the last time you heard a hentai group say that?).