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lol Downtime October 5, 2009

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Somehow all of the blogs registered to my account were deleted sometime this weekend. Any of the ones that mattered (not a lot) I requested be restored. Unfortunately I remembered this one last minute, so I guess it’ll be under my care for a while longer. Not like it’ll make any difference.


New Translator/Backlog Project Picked up FTW! April 22, 2009

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Well, we’ve been on break for a while because my friend who I managed to coerce into translating all of our projects so far has been too busy with graduation and looking for a job.  Well recently we were contacted by a very special fellow named AngeloCire, who will now be our full time translator.

So, a while ago when we were still taking requests someone requested that we do an H-Manga called Otokonoko Onnanoko.  We all liked the art and were intrigued by the idea of porn with actual story, however, there was no way I could make my friend translate it due to 40+ page chapters.   But! Now with our savior AngeloCire, we can work on this project with renewed fanatical fervor for scanlating Japanese porn.

Before too long we should have this first chapter for you all, the fans who have hung on to the last remnants of hope, or just the people who happened to run into our page.  Until that time, check out our past releases if you haven’t done so already, or shove off!

EroKami/Lord Paper out

Blah Blah March 31, 2009

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Just popping by to show our vitals are still intact. Though as always, they’re very low. We’re like a vegetable of sorts…that has fits…of releases.

Anyhow, a surefire way to pump some life into us would be to find a translator. Yes we desperately need someone that can translate so all us useless editors have something to work with. Our project picking process includes seeing a doujin we like, and trying to force our (one persons) ties with friends to get translations, so if someone were to show up, they’d have a say in what would be our next venture.
As before, to apply, email us at: (asobi.nin.scans[at]gmail.com). Requirements are also as before – see 4 posts down.

I don’t quite know myself if we will be doing the rest of the RE series. My fellow members are iffy on the slightly obscene content of the remaining installments, and a translation is always up in the air. We also have no idea if SaHa has been comissioned with the rest or not. So yeah, there’s a bit of info on our one sort of main project.

Thanks also to the one person that responded to my call for RUBBISH raws. Still looking for more…

You may also have noticed we took down the requests page. We did so because…it was a cruel joke. Not that we intended it to be, but without a translator, we had no hope of fufilling peoples requests. So that’s gone.

…And that’s it. May we have a fit soon.

It’s Over 9000 hits? January 11, 2009

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At first working on hentai was interesting because it was something I hadn’t done before and we could do pretty much whatever we wanted and work at our own pace without that feeling of urgency that you get working on a series.

Now I accidentally leave images of Satoko getting rammed open in Gimp and forget they are there for hours at a time. Talk about acclimation.

By the way, still looking for a translator. Tell your friends. We’d release probably twice as often. You also get a say in what we work on. Promise.

halp! October 30, 2008

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We’re currently snooping around for a lonely translator that is LFG.

The work wouldn’t be too stessful. This is a side project for everyone involved so we’re pretty chill about the whole thing and don’t have deadlines or anythng like that.

Requirements/Recommended Skillz (open to discussion):

  • Knows Japanese (lol)
  • Knows English too. You’d be surprised how important this step is. We don’t have a proofreader, so it’s sort of a passive action. The more the script makes sense in the beginning the less we have to rape and mutilate it later.
  • Is not super srsbsns. We like releasing a good final product, but what’s the use if you don’t have some fun along the way? Caring about your work is cool and all, but come on. It’s porn.
  • Willing to translate a wide variety of doujins or hentai. Being genre exclusive is lame. Not saying you can’t reject a project EVAR, or that you don’t have an opinion, but we will make frowny faces in IRC if you tell us you won’t translate [this] and [that] and [that too]. Which beings me to my next point:
  • Bonus points if you know how to use IRC. We basically sit in our seekrit base and lulz it up, but when we really need to discuss srsbsns hentai stuff, IRC is where it happens. We do have that group email, but I certainly don’t check it, and I’m not sure how often everyone else checks it. IRC isn’t that hard. Balls up and jump in. It’s fun.

Uh…as far as I know that’s it. You can email us at our group email (asobi.nin.scans[at]gmail.com), come to our IRC channel, or respond to this post with a way to reach you. Or something.

tl;dr: lol EroKami and Luco love hentai so much they can’t decide between the 58 projets they’ve lined up, and need someone to translate them.

Stance on sfx October 29, 2008

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So I was told to write somethng on our policy when it comes to cleaning sfx, because there was dramu about it while cleaning RE04 (ironically I, the cleaner, wasn’t involved). It goes a little something like this”

We will not clean out sfx. They are a pain in the ass to me, and the increase in time that it takes to release a chapter outweighs the benefits that it provides. We will remove the smaller easier ones that take little or no time at all, and will typeset in next to the bigger or more relevant sfx, their translations. I will clean out everything that resides within a bubble, be it talking, moans, or even sfx. If it’s a special occasion, the other members might bug me enoough that I’ll clean out every (or very nearly) sfx and it will look epic. Don’t expect this too often though, because redrawing bodily fluids gets old really fast.

tl;dr: lol I do whatever I want.

lol, headers. October 29, 2008

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Guess what? We haven’t released something new! What we’ve been doing is making new headers for the site. Whoop!

This, and this too. We have others, but apparently I suck cocks at typesetting and stuff, so they ‘aren’t ready’ or something.

Too bad we’re lame and don’t have a real domain. Then we could use WordPress’ cool stuff and choose themes that let us rotate banners and shit. Oh well.

We also have one that is *Kawaii~* ^__^ approved by a couple of our staff members, and will be put on display once we release our next chapter. You have to understand that these people wrestle grizzly bears and eat lit fireworks for breakfast (allegedly), so anything getting the *Kawaii~* seal of approval from them is probably adorable enough to cause nuts to burst among the common population.

First Post lol October 22, 2008

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So I was stiffed into making a group page, what else is new. Now on to more important news, like that we are nearly done with our first project. I dunno if I’m allowed to say what it is or whatever, because some people care about stuff like that, because scanlating porn is serious business. Except in fact it isn’t, and I’m sure that nobody here really cares what I do, because if I ragequit this group, they would lose their errand boy.

This project is like months and months in the making. We started it over 100 years ago. It got cleaned, and then nobody typeset it. Ever. Then last Thursday it sprung from the dead when a new typesetter finished it in 3 days. Now I regret not demanding a new typesetter forever ago. The End.

tl;dr: We are Asobi-Nin Scans, nice to meet you!