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New Translator/Backlog Project Picked up FTW! April 22, 2009

Posted by lordpaper in News/Junk.


Well, we’ve been on break for a while because my friend who I managed to coerce into translating all of our projects so far has been too busy with graduation and looking for a job.  Well recently we were contacted by a very special fellow named AngeloCire, who will now be our full time translator.

So, a while ago when we were still taking requests someone requested that we do an H-Manga called Otokonoko Onnanoko.  We all liked the art and were intrigued by the idea of porn with actual story, however, there was no way I could make my friend translate it due to 40+ page chapters.   But! Now with our savior AngeloCire, we can work on this project with renewed fanatical fervor for scanlating Japanese porn.

Before too long we should have this first chapter for you all, the fans who have hung on to the last remnants of hope, or just the people who happened to run into our page.  Until that time, check out our past releases if you haven’t done so already, or shove off!

EroKami/Lord Paper out


1. Oliver - May 30, 2009

Hi there, I just found your blog.
You may be interested in knowing that a paying translator taking commissions has released the two first chapters of this manga ?

If you’re curious to have his URL, you’ve got my email, feel free to ask.


2. luco00 - June 5, 2009

We are aware, and thanks for taking the time to tell us.

In light of that, we will only be releasing the first chapter, as it was already being worked on before we knew about the commissioner, and we won’t release any further than that.

The projects we will be working on instead are something from TayuTayu and some doujins, if anyone’s interested.

3. Oliver - June 5, 2009

If you translate stuff by Yamatogawa, you’re definitely going to be popular 🙂

Mind you, to this day, I believe the complete Tayu Tayu serie (1-9) has been translated already, it is even already available in a full uncensored version.

4. luco00 - June 5, 2009

There just so happens to be an Extra chapter that we have our hands on… 😉

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