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[Release] RE10 February 25, 2009

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Download – SaveFile | Mediafire

RE10 by RUBBISH Selecting Squad

Don’t worry, we used the QUALITY raws this time. No ridiculous second release.

If shirou’s penis was any bigger then it wouldn’t be Saber x Shirou, it would be Saber x Shirou’s wang. It also has this horrible tendency to bubble over with semen immediately after ejaculating. It’s probably a negative effect of his mutated, steroid pumped member.

Also. a request from Luco:

<@Luco_> If anyone has any raws of RUBBISH Selecting Squad doujins that aren’t from the RE series (I need Re Extra though), please send them to the group email (asobi.nin.scans@gmail.com).

mmk? I know you’re all just darlings and are gonna help a poor lolicon out. We might translate the stuff if you deliver, so don’t be shy.

Oh, and apologies go out to SaHa, who I believe has been commissioned to work on all of the RE titles or some shit like that, but Luco and EroKami insisted we nick all the good ones.


1. Tsurepettan Loev - March 3, 2009

Saber marrying Shirou… can’t be, he’s just a stand in for excalibur until she can find a way to use it without impaling herself.

2. Floobadeedoo - September 27, 2009

Damn I wish someone would translate RE-SP01, I want to know what they are saying!

3. victor - October 22, 2009

hiiiiii as are all my first time I go to this page thank you to share your translations Kouda Tomohiro got any? for some time also I am looking for Inoue Yoshihisa by Escape Creator his story left me with a great taste on the mouth bye bye (–_–)U

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