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It’s Over 9000 hits? January 11, 2009

Posted by PIR in News/Junk.
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At first working on hentai was interesting because it was something I hadn’t done before and we could do pretty much whatever we wanted and work at our own pace without that feeling of urgency that you get working on a series.

Now I accidentally leave images of Satoko getting rammed open in Gimp and forget they are there for hours at a time. Talk about acclimation.

By the way, still looking for a translator. Tell your friends. We’d release probably twice as often. You also get a say in what we work on. Promise.


1. Shibui - February 7, 2009

Comic-sans nooooooo!

Thanks for the translations, a couple of friends of mine picked up some doujins from comiket over in ohayocon last weekend. Pretty awesome stuff.

Wish I could read Japanese, but alas I cannot. Keep it up though, great job.

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