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halp! October 30, 2008

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We’re currently snooping around for a lonely translator that is LFG.

The work wouldn’t be too stessful. This is a side project for everyone involved so we’re pretty chill about the whole thing and don’t have deadlines or anythng like that.

Requirements/Recommended Skillz (open to discussion):

  • Knows Japanese (lol)
  • Knows English too. You’d be surprised how important this step is. We don’t have a proofreader, so it’s sort of a passive action. The more the script makes sense in the beginning the less we have to rape and mutilate it later.
  • Is not super srsbsns. We like releasing a good final product, but what’s the use if you don’t have some fun along the way? Caring about your work is cool and all, but come on. It’s porn.
  • Willing to translate a wide variety of doujins or hentai. Being genre exclusive is lame. Not saying you can’t reject a project EVAR, or that you don’t have an opinion, but we will make frowny faces in IRC if you tell us you won’t translate [this] and [that] and [that too]. Which beings me to my next point:
  • Bonus points if you know how to use IRC. We basically sit in our seekrit base and lulz it up, but when we really need to discuss srsbsns hentai stuff, IRC is where it happens. We do have that group email, but I certainly don’t check it, and I’m not sure how often everyone else checks it. IRC isn’t that hard. Balls up and jump in. It’s fun.

Uh…as far as I know that’s it. You can email us at our group email (asobi.nin.scans[at]gmail.com), come to our IRC channel, or respond to this post with a way to reach you. Or something.

tl;dr: lol EroKami and Luco love hentai so much they can’t decide between the 58 projets they’ve lined up, and need someone to translate them.


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