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Stance on sfx October 29, 2008

Posted by PIR in News/Junk.

So I was told to write somethng on our policy when it comes to cleaning sfx, because there was dramu about it while cleaning RE04 (ironically I, the cleaner, wasn’t involved). It goes a little something like this”

We will not clean out sfx. They are a pain in the ass to me, and the increase in time that it takes to release a chapter outweighs the benefits that it provides. We will remove the smaller easier ones that take little or no time at all, and will typeset in next to the bigger or more relevant sfx, their translations. I will clean out everything that resides within a bubble, be it talking, moans, or even sfx. If it’s a special occasion, the other members might bug me enoough that I’ll clean out every (or very nearly) sfx and it will look epic. Don’t expect this too often though, because redrawing bodily fluids gets old really fast.

tl;dr: lol I do whatever I want.


1. A Fellow Editor - October 30, 2008

A-fucking-men, brother.

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