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[Release] RE04 October 29, 2008

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Download – [Link removed due to  FAIL] (LQ garbage)

Download – DepositFiles | Mediafire (HEUG and sparkly HQ version!)

Update: lol! The completely re-cleaned and re-typeset chapter was done like 6 hours after we were informed that we had picked shit raws that were horrible shit, which was 10 minutes after we released the LQ version. Too bad I was sleeping instead of putting this link here.

Saber x Shirou, what else is new. Circle is RUBBISH Selecting Squad.

D’aaaaaaaaaaw. It features an unusually vulnerable Saber and somewhat lecherous Shirou. Shitty raws are shitty. If all of FAKKU!’s raws are this bad, I’ll need to start rejecting shit that EroKami gets from there. Pictures at the end were a pain to level, and I still didn’t do them right. Look at all the pretty gradients!

Thar ye go! – Special Deluxe super HEUG textless page 26, for Anon’s fapping pleshure.


1. Not_Luco - October 30, 2008

Here you go you ungrateful sobs, a v2 with just pinch of MY HEART AND SOUL. A proper post will probably be made soon.


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