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lol, headers. October 29, 2008

Posted by PIR in News/Junk.
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Guess what? We haven’t released something new! What we’ve been doing is making new headers for the site. Whoop!

This, and this too. We have others, but apparently I suck cocks at typesetting and stuff, so they ‘aren’t ready’ or something.

Too bad we’re lame and don’t have a real domain. Then we could use WordPress’ cool stuff and choose themes that let us rotate banners and shit. Oh well.

We also have one that is *Kawaii~* ^__^ approved by a couple of our staff members, and will be put on display once we release our next chapter. You have to understand that these people wrestle grizzly bears and eat lit fireworks for breakfast (allegedly), so anything getting the *Kawaii~* seal of approval from them is probably adorable enough to cause nuts to burst among the common population.


1. Not_Luco - October 29, 2008

Sure beats releasing doujins, doesn’t if folks?

Of course the only good banners are mine, because a certain Pirate uses SHITware (ala GIMP), therefore anything that comes out of it is, well, shit.

2. pirate1019 - October 29, 2008

Fuck you and your unmanly Text Tool. Real men don’t need their text tool to have a built in stroke feature.

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